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Garden Paradise Seeds



Garden Paradise Seeds


Our Present and Future

Living close to nature is always a good experience. Sowing seeds of various flowering plants, vegetables, and other medicinal herbs is an excellent fruitful practice to live healthily. Garden Paradise Seeds offers a wide variety of options in the types of seeds you could choose to sow. You could choose according to your requirements and preferences. You would get various herb seeds, vegetable seeds, exotic seeds, and many other types. We are trying our best to develop the trend of planting your own garden paradise and helping the environment. Once you start growing more plants of various kinds, you will get varieties of fresh and good-quality food, herbal medicinal, or cosmetic products those not contaminated with fertilizers or chemically. That would help your health to a great extent as well. The trees and plants would also make your space look gorgeous with the various pleasant colors.

What have Garden Paradise Seeds achieved to date?

A large number of sales –
Our brand has made many sales in seeds of various kinds. Not only that, but we have also sold our products in twenty-four nations around the world. We have made it possible for people worldwide to plant more trees and help improve the condition of nature.

Taking over of domains –
Our company has managed to take over nine domains which are,,,,,,,, and All these domains lead to our website. This helps the promotion of our company and makes it possible for more people to get excellent quality seeds to plant and enjoy the greenery around them.


What are the things which showcase the excellent work of the company?

The large number of people who visit and use our products –
Our company's website has seen over a hundred thousand visitors and over thirty thousand users. This is quite a significant number considering that the website is not functioning for long. The user base is on the rise every day. This would be possible only when the products we supply are good quality and easy to use.

A large percentage of returning users – A significant number of people come back to get more of the products sold by our company. This is a clear indicator of how good the seeds are. If the products were not reasonable or challenging to use, no our customers would try to get back to our company to develop their plant choice. The percentage of such customers ranges to nearly five, and it is on the rise regularly.

Customer reviews – We have got fantastic positive reviews on online platforms like Google, Trustpilot, eBay, and Social Media. Had the company not been good, such reviews would not have been a common occurrence. Such reviews help the company to become more and more popular among the masses. The ratings are, naturally, equally brilliant. You would also be able to get recommendations from websites like Wikipedia, another signifier of the company's excellence.

Registered and licensed –
Our company is officially registered with Agriculture Ireland as a licensed manufacturer and Plant Health as a supplier. This company's (PHR) number is IE 6199, which is a signifier of its genuineness.


Why choose to buy seeds from our company?

Quality of products – The seeds sold by our company are handpicked, and hand packed. This is extremely important because it ensures that the best results are passed on to the company's customers.

Variety of products –
We offer multiple choices like flowering plants, vegetable plants, medicinal herbs and plants, and even exotic plants. You would be able to choose whichever seeds you want to sow in the space you have. You could plant trees just like you want without compromising on the choices or the quality of products.

Easy to use – The seeds come with proper detailed instructions. Therefore it becomes easy to sow them and take care of them so that the plants grow healthy. This is especially helpful for those with absolutely no idea about planting trees and starting with this purchase.

Satisfaction guarantee – The products sold to the customers come with a satisfaction guarantee for weeks. If something wrong happens with the seeds in some unfortunate situation, things would be taken care of and made sure that you are satisfied.

Hassle-free – Buying seeds online would save you from all the trouble of going from one store to another in search of your favorite seeds. You could choose your preferred option with the assurance of a good quality product from the comfort of your home. You would need a phone with an internet connection to go through the whole process of buying seeds from our company smoothly.


What does Garden Paradise Seeds plan for the future?

Collaborations– We have worked with PLANT-MY-TREE and ONE TREE PLANET and will continue to do so. Since the beginning of our start-up, we have also been an official project partner for CO2 neutralization. This would help us achieve our goals. Together we would plant more trees worldwide and give a lot back to nature, which is very important to us as a company. The tree donation options will continue to be an integral part of our brand.

Planting more trees – Through the means of selling more seeds, our company plans on helping everyone grow more trees. This would contribute positively to the process of improving the condition of the environment. More greenery would lead everyone to a better and healthier life.

Donations of trees – The company would still keep the option of donating a tree open for its users. This helps with planting more trees all around the world and saving the environment, and improving it.


World Wide Fund for nature – We have planned a permanent partnership with (World Wide Fund for Nature in 2022, where we would participate in wildlife conservation and adopt some animal species. With more than nine hundred animals being extinct, it is essential to take care of the endangered animals alongside the plants to help the environment maintain its balance. Our company aims to do that in the best way possible.

Natural skincare range – We plan on producing our aloe vera skin care product range, which would be completely honest and made with our bestseller Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. We would also provide the products wholesale for private and business customers. There are options for free shipping and distant deliveries; the charge ranges from around twenty-five Euros to about thirty-five Euros. All these make buying the seeds from our company extremely simple irrespective of where you live.


Our company dealing in seeds of various kinds of plants and herbs offers many benefits that the competing companies do not provide. It, therefore, becomes a safe option to get the seeds of your choice from our company. You could take advantage of our customers' options regarding satisfaction with the results of products, delivery options, and ease of use. Moreover, the pricing of the skincare products would also be at wholesale rates, which is not a common practice with most companies. Thank you very much for your purchase and the trust. We appreciate it very much and know how to handle it. That this company has become so successful in such a short time, we would expand our product range and our role in nature conservation over time by selling more seeds, planting more trees, and adopting more species of animals.

To have more great months with us and not to forget any planting days, we have created a calendar for 2022, which you can download for free. All you have to do is click on the calendar to download it.

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Sow seeds, be wise,
let's make this world. Paradise!

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