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Garden Paradise Seeds

Fruit Seeds

Grow your own fruit and you will not only have an awesome paradise garden, but also you will have greater control over what is in your food and where it comes from. Additionally, it offers you a rich source of variety for your daily needs as well as incredible flavors. This collection contains a variety of tasty and interesting fruit seeds that you should plant in your garden. Whether you are planting or harvesting, you need not worry about anything. You have all the information you need.

Grape Seeds

R$ 9,92 

White Strawberry Seeds

R$ 13,07 

Red Strawberry Seeds

R$ 12,54 

Kiwi Tree Seeds | Actinidia

R$ 9,92 

Orange Fruit Seeds | Citrus X sinensis

R$ 9,39 

Cherries Tree Seeds | Prunus Avium

R$ 9,92 

Lemon Fruit Tree Seeds | Citrus limon

R$ 13,07 

Blue Sausage Fruit Tree Seeds | Decaisnea fargesii

R$ 13,59 

Pomegranate Seeds | Punica granatum

R$ 12,02 

Apple Seeds | Malus

R$ 10,97 

Watermelon Seeds | Citrullus lanatus

R$ 9,92 

Cantaloupe Melon Seeds | Cantaloupe

R$ 10,97 

Mixed Flower Cosmos Dwarf Seeds | Bipinnatus

R$ 8,87