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Pitahaya Dragonfruit Red Seeds | Hylocereus monacanthus

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Dragon fruit seeds are usually fairly easy to germinate but show variable germination rates. Fresh seeds of Red Dragon Fruit that will be supplied from Garden Paradise Seeds will germinate quite rapidly, usually within just a few days though some groups may need up to 8 weeks for germination. Plant seeds 2-4cm deep in moist, sterile soil. Keep soil temperature consistent at 70-85F. Cool soils will significantly delay seed germination time and may inhibit germination completely. Dragon fruit seeds are small and very fragile, so handle with care. Also take care in watering not to jostle the soil as seeds can become deeply buried where they may fail to breach the soil surface and rot.


As a tropical species, dragon fruit needs warmth, moisture and plenty of light to thrive. Choose a garden bed with full sun or light shade during the hottest part of the day and deep, organically rich soil with good drainage. Dragon fruit needs a very sturdy support structure such as a freestanding trellis or pergola to support their mature size, which can exceed 20 feet. Plant dragon fruit at least 400-500cm away from structures, power lines and trees to prevent damage. Dragon fruit can withstand periods of drought, but it needs regular watering during the growing season to produce fruit. During the late winter and early spring months, it needs slightly drier soil to induce flowering.


Red Dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya or strawberry pear, is a tropical fruit known for its vibrant red skin and sweet, seed-speckled pulp. Its unique look and acclaimed superfood powers have made it popular among foodies and the health-conscious. Dragon fruit is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which are good for your immune system. The vitamin C in dragon fruit helps your body be healthy and fit.

Note: Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.


  • Feature: Fruits every 5 months
  • Flowering Time: Summer
  • Soil Type: Sandy
  • Plant Type: Cactus
  • Season: Winter
  • USDA Zones: 10-11


  • Ireland & Northern Ireland: Orders placed before 4 p.m. will be delivered the next day, otherwise usually 2 Working days.

  • Rest of the World : 3-11 Working Days

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