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You get 10 seeds of Gardenia jasminoides including growing instructions. For Gardenia jasminoides. Select a site with full sun to light shade. Although a Gardenia plant prefers full sun, some shade is appreciated during the warmer months of the year or its leaves may scorch and its buds may fall off if they get too much sunlight. In hot climates, Gardenias grow best with morning sun and afternoon shade. Remember to sow in spring. Place seed on the surface of the soil, cover with about 1/4 inch of soil, tamp securely and keep evenly moist and warm until germination, which can take 30 to 60 days.  Work seedlings up in successively larger pots until they are large enough to withstand the rigors of the landscape.  Space shrubs at least 3 feet apart.


You have to take good care of the little plants in order to achieve the best result but we will walk you through it. Water the gardenia thoroughly until you're certain the growing media has been well drenched. Consider watering twice weekly for the first six weeks after planting. Then let the soil dry out between waterings. When watering, thoroughly soak the soil. Gardenias need at least 1 inch of rain or equivalent watering each week. Keep the soil consistently damp but not soggy. In addition to amending the soil with compost or aged manure, these acid-loving plants will appreciate coffee grounds, tea bags, wood ashes, or Epsom salts mixed into the soil as well.


The gardenia which is also called buttonhole is an evergreen perennial shrub whose flowers give off a strong, sweet scent. It is suitable as a container plant for rooms, conservatories, or greenhouses. In summer the plant can also stand outside. The seeds can be grown indoors all year round. People take gardenia by mouth for anxiety, agitation, bladder infection, bleeding, cancer, constipation, depression, diabetes, fever, gallbladder disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, the flu, trouble sleeping, liver disorders, menopausal symptoms, pain, swelling of the pancreas, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Note: Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.


  • Season: Spring
  • USDA Zones: 10-11
  • Days to Bloom: 60-80 days.
  • Height: 3-6' tall
  • Soil Type: Moist
  • Temperature: 16 degrees Celcius


  • Ireland & Northern Ireland: Orders placed before 4 p.m. will be delivered the next day, otherwise usually 2 Working days.
  • Rest of the World : 3-11 Working Days

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