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Type: Herb Seeds


Big Leaf Coriander grows best in temperatures between 17° and 27°C and is best sown directly in pots rather than in seed trays and then transplanted. You can grow coriander in full sun and well-drained soil. Sow the seeds about two centimeters deep. Space the seeds at a gap of approximately a half meter. Spread the fine mulch over the seeds, and press the soil over the seeds. Wet the soil thoroughly.


During dry periods, water your plants. Make sure not to overwater them so they do not develop root rot. Good soil drainage is essential to ensure healthy root health as coriander has deep taproots. The plant takes up to three weeks to germinate. Young plants should be thinned to 20 cm apart so they can grow to their full potential. Crop the coriander plant while rotating it regularly to extend the harvest.


While coriander leaves are best for garnishing soups, lentils, fresh tomato salsas, and Thai noodle dishes, it is also best to add them to cold pasta salads. In addition, you can purée them with garlic, peanuts, coconut milk, and lemon juice to make a paste for burritos, salsa, or marinades. There are many types of vitamins in this herb that can be beneficial for your body.

Note: Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.


  • Sowing Time: March-September
  • Water Tolerance: No
  • Bloom Time: 20-30 Days
  • Temperature: 10-50 degrees F
  • Kingdom: Plantae 
  • Clade: Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Asterids 
  • Order: Apiales 
  • Family: Apiaceae 
  • Genus: Coriandrum 
  • Species: C. sativum
  • Uses: In many dishes

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