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The way you can grow Sage Painted is very easy. Sow in pots or module trays in the Spring. Cover seed with vermiculite. Plant out when large enough to handle. Sandy loam is best but sage will grow in very average soil as well. Sage prefers a soil pH of 6.0 to 6.7. Start sage seeds indoors as early as 6 to 8 weeks before the average last frost date. Sow sage seed in the garden in late spring about or after the last frost. Sow seed shallowly. Sow sage seeds 1cm deep. Thin sage seedlings or space transplants 50cm apart or more. Space rows 50 to 70cm apart.


Usually Sage requires regular watering until established. Once established keep sage on the dry side. Sage is easily killed by soggy soil so keep it in mind. Lack of water will improve the flavor of sage, but avoid allowing the plant to wilt from lack of moisture. Overhead watering may cause serious mildew problems. Sage grows best in sandy-loam soil but does not require regular feeding. Give sage a side dressing of compost tea twice during the growing season. Mulch around sage with aged compost or chopped leaves in very hot regions, mulch will slow soil moisture evaporation.


Also known by the common names annual Clary sage, Bluebeard, Joseph sage, and Painted sage, this very decorative plant has an upright habit with hairy toothed leaves and whorls of tiny white, pink or purple flowers enclosed by large green bracts. Spikes of these beautiful flowers appear in Summer and are very attractive to bees and insects. As an annual herb plant, painted sage or Salvia Viridis syn. S. harmonium is grown as a flowering garden plant, but the leaves and flowers can be used to flavor food and drinks. Very decorative plant. Leaves and seeds used to assist the fermentation of liquor. 

Note: Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.


  • Sowing Time: Spring
  • Height: 60cm
  • Mature: 12-24 Months
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Temperature: 15 degrees C


  • Ireland & Northern Ireland: Orders placed before 4 p.m. will be delivered the next day, otherwise usually 2 Working days.
  • Rest of the World : 3-11 Working Days
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