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Garden Paradise Seeds' introduces medicinal herbs for your healthier and better life. As we know how important medicinal herbs are to improve our immunity system and fight against the diseases of our body. For that reason, we included some most beneficial herbs in the Medicine Herb collection of Garden Paradise Seeds. We included more than twenty-five potential herbs of the world that can make your heart, and liver cleanser, and body healthier. They are also very easy to grow and use. 


Since ancient times herbs have been used as medicine to cure complicated diseases and playing a new and important role in modern food preparation as well. Herbs not only add unique flavors to our food but contribute color and variety. Science says that consuming herbs prevents complicated health problems like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It can reduce blood clots and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. So we can imagine how important herbs can be for us. Let's replace medicine with herbs and rely on nature.


We chose some very important herbs in our GPS medicine herb collection. In our herb seeds collection, we have the easiest and fastest-growing herbs like aloe vera, mint, sage, anise, feverfew, paracress, hyssop, marigold pot, comfrey, basil, dill diana, thyme, rue, tansy, lavender vera, strawberry sticks, rosemary, peppermint, etc. 

Medicine Wonders

In today's blog, we will be knowing about the usage and benefits of a few of these super beneficial herbs. If you want to know more about them, please visit the medicine herb collection of Garden Paradise Seeds.

ALOE VERA (Barbadensis Miller)

We all are familiar with Aloe Vera, and some of its health benefits. But Aloe Vera can be used in a lot of ways that we don't know. In our collection, Aloe vera barbadensis Miller is another species of Aloe vera that has thick, wide, fleshy upright leaves which are gray-green in color. Its gel is more beneficial and usable.
Aloe Vera

  • Uses: There are a lot of uses of Aloe Vera. Its gel can be used as a moisturizer and hair gel that will keep your skin and hair smooth. It can be used as a sunburn cream. Aloe Vera juice is very healthy to drink. Apply Aloe Vera gel on your pimple and acne to get relief from it. It can also eliminate dead skin cells.
  • Health Benefits: This is one of the best herbal medicines with amazing medicinal properties. It moisturizes and heals dry and flaky skin. It soothes irritated skin and helps with signs of aging. Also fights acne and fades blemishes, and removes dark circles and puffiness. If you are suffering from sunburn it will help. 

To know more about this amazing herb, please visit our Herb Seeds collection. 


From ancient ages, people have been using mint fresh or dried in many dishes and infusions. Manufacturers of toothpaste, gum, candy, and beauty products often use mint oil. Mint may have several potential health benefits that are described below. 

Herb - Mint Green  - Garden Paradise Seeds
  • Usage: You can make your own syrup with mint which can be used to flavor your summer drinks, snow cones, desserts, and more. Perk up your pesto. Mint can also be utilized as an insect repellent. Chew mints for fresh breath. Give your beverages an awesome flavor with mint. Spice up your salads and give your dishes a decorative look.
  • Health Benefits: Mint is a calming herb that people have used for thousands of years to help soothe an upset stomach or indigestion. Managing gastrointestinal problems Mint may help regulate muscle relaxation. Mint contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent called rosmarinic acid that prevents allergy.

To know more about this amazing herb, please visit our Herb Seeds collection. 

SORREL (Broad Leaved)

Broad Leaved Sorrel is one of the most beneficial herbs in the world. People have been using Sorrel against heart disease, cancer, and urine problems for years. Many dishes can be made with this amazing herb. It can also adorn your garden with its beautiful leaves.

Herb Sorrel Broad Leaved ( rumex acetosa ) - Garden Paradise Seeds
  • Usage: As we know that Sorrel is a widely usable herb. It can be used in salad, as its tartness is really refreshing. Sorrel can be cooked into a sauce and served with fish, which will lend a lemony flavor without lemon. Sorrel can make amazing flavor into soups or stews.
  • Health Benefits: Sorrel is an herbal remedy to cure cancer and the liver. The Sorrel drink also helps to reduce blood pressure. It may minimize the risk of heart disease, and is also used for reducing sudden and ongoing pain and swelling of the nasal passages and respiratory tract, for treating bacterial infections along with conventional medicines, and for increasing urine flow.

To know more about this amazing herb, please visit our Herb Seeds collection. 


Lavender Vera is a little herb plant that blooms in early summer with an abundant crop of thin, highly fragrant flower spikes with dark blue calyxes and flowers. The lavender vera is a very useful and beneficial herb. Let's know about its benefits and usage.

Herb - Lavender Vera  - Garden Paradise Seeds
  • Usage: Lavender is used as a flavor component in foods and beverages. One can eat lavender raw. Lavender is an herb that you can eat lavender in endless dishes, drinks, and sides. It is great for cooking, baking, and drinking. It makes an interesting flavoring for cakes and other recipes. Try popping a few sprigs into a jar of sugar to add to biscuits, sorbets, jams, or jellies.
  • Health Benefits: Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties and can be used to make homemade soaps, candles, and bath oils that will help you unwind for a good night's sleep. Or simply cut a few stems to natural fragrance your home rather than using chemical air fresheners or plug-ins. It relieves stress and pain.

To know more about this amazing herb, please visit our Herb Seeds collection. 


Basil Gustosa is a very useful herb. It can be used to cure various health complications such as stomach spasms, loss of appetite, intestinal gas, kidney conditions, worm infections, etc. Basil is also used to treat snake and insect bites as well.

Herb - Basil Gustosa  - Garden Paradise Seeds
  • Usage: Basil's leaves are commonly used in cooking, though some people eat raw. Basil tastes spicy and bitter. Basil Gustosa isn't limited to internal use. When basil's oils are extracted to make essential oil, It's also been shown to fight acne. Overall Basil Gustosa is very versatile in its use.
  • Health Benefits: Basil is an excellent source of vitamin K, manganese, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It's also a good source of calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. It is used for treating cuts, wounds, and skin infections.

To know more about this amazing herb, please visit our Herb Seeds collection. 


Do you want to enjoy these herbs in your own garden? Believe me, it's very easy. All you need to do is to take the decision of growing with us. You can receive the seeds with instructions in 2 days if you are in Ireland. Wherever you live in this world your seeds will be in your hand in 11 days. Then please visit the page of that product to see the elaborated growing and caring information. 

Gardening Tools

So, for today's blog, this is what we have for you. We hope that you have got to know a lot about these useful medicinal herbs. We have more herb seeds in our collection. If you are interested to know more please visit our Herb Seeds collection. No more for today, hope to see you in the next blog.

Sow Seeds Be Wise,
Let's Make This World Paradise

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