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Aloe Vera Seeds | Aloe Barbadensis Miller Seeds

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Type: Medicinal Herbs Seeds


Aloe Vera is one of the easiest growing herbs. It is essential to use a medium that is half peat and half sand. This makes for an excellent, well-draining potting medium. Perlite, compost, and sand can also be used to grow Aloe Vera. During the summer, you can grow the seeds outside if you are in a warm climate. The temperature of the medium should be 23 degrees Celsius in bright light and ideally moderately moist in either case. Crucial


Aloe Barbadensis Miller is a very easy-growing herb, so almost any container will do, but flats use less soil and provide a controlled environment for seedlings. After seedlings have been removed from heat mats, watering them from under prevents damping-off and provides the roots with just the right amount of moisture. Spread the seeds about an inch apart after lightly dampening the medium. Cover them with a light dusting of the sand. To maintain high humidity for germination, many growers cover flats or containers with plastic lids.


A few tips can help you grow Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Herb successfully. Unfortunately, if you are using a non-sterile organic medium, this can lead to fungal issues that may kill your babies. As soon as you see sprouts, mist the soil to keep it moist. Dependent upon the environment, this process may take two to four weeks. In the early stage of seedling life, it is essential to protect seedlings from desiccation without drowning them. As soon as four or more leaves appear, pot each into a 2-inch pot.

 Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary.


  • Product Type: Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller

  • Season: Any Season

  • Feature: Medicine Herbs

  • Use: Hair, Skin, Juice, Medicine

  • More: Reproductive

  • Kingdom: Plantae 

  • Clade: Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Monocots 

  • Order: Asparagales 

  • Family: Asphodelaceae 

  • Subfamily: Asphodeloideae 

  • Genus: Aloe  

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  • Is it the real, original aloe vera?

    Hello Sam, yes, this is the Original Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. This is how you can recognize a natural aloe vera: stemless or only a short stem. Lanceolate leaves. About 40 to 50 centimeters long. About 6 to 7 inches wide. Gray-green, often with a slightly reddish tinge. Growing in dense rosettes. Teeth about 3 mm long on the leaf margin. Makes orange or yellow flowers.