Paradise ultimately comes from an Iranian word that the Greeks modified into paradeisos, meaning Enclosed Park or Garden. Gardening is the only way you can turn a little place in the world into Paradise. If you have the hobby of gardening, Garden Paradise Seeds is always with you to help. We have seeds of nutritious and rare Vegetables, Fruits and useful herbs. We also included the sowing and growing instructions along with each and every plant's benefits. We are letting you know about some of the herbs of our store in this blog so that you can be aware of the beauty of Gardening.

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As a hobby Gardening is the best. Nowadays the world needs gardening to save its existence. Gardens become important places for water to be filtered or carbon to be sequestered by trees. A recent study from the Smithsonian Institution highlighted the importance of native plants and native gardens particularly in maintaining the health of birds, bees and other insects. Gardening is more than just preparing a section of your yard for growing vegetables or flowers. 

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Gardening can also offer many other benefits such as helping the environment or providing stress relief by taking care of home gardens. What the world needs the most is gardeners. You can question, What is the importance of gardening in our life? Well, Gardening gives people a place to putter around in nature and forget about their troubles for a while, and at the end they have delicious fresh vegetables or beautiful flowers. 


If you are thinking about making a Home Garden then start as soon as possible. Home gardens are easy to create and you don’t necessarily need a huge plot of land. If you want, for instance just to spruce up your windows with a flower box, that could be considered as your little garden. Plus the flowers could provide nectar for the bees or butterflies, so you are also helping out nature.

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There are a lot of vegetables and fruits that don't need to be planted outside. Such as marigold, chillies, mint and eggplant. Your balconies will be the best location for your Home Garden. Make sure that at least 6 hours of sunlight in that location because most of the vegetables and fruits need 6 hours of sunlight. Well drained and moist soil will be the best for almost all types of plants. And Garden Paradise Seeds will give you the best seeds and all the information you need to sow and grow.


We have a lot of useful herb seeds along with their growing instructions. From them we are letting you know about a few briefly. If you are interested to know more about these herbs and want to buy the seeds our services are always available for you. So let's get started,

  • ANISE: As herb anise has a lot of health benefits. Women use anise to increase milk flow when nursing, start menstruation, treat menstrual discomfort or pain, ease childbirth, and increase sex drive. Men use anise to treat symptoms of “male menopause.” Other uses include treatment of seizures, nicotine dependence, trouble sleeping known as insomnia, asthma, and constipation. If you have the power of this herb you can get rid of all these problems.
  • THYME CREEPER: This Purple Thyme has a creeping habit, forming mats, usually becoming 10cm in height. It has attractive purple flowers. Used for both ornamental and culinary applications. Thymol presents in this plant is very beneficial for killing microorganisms. It is also used to reduce high blood pressure levels and is very effective for the sufferers of hypertension. It is also an effective herb for treating breast and colon cancer.
  • PAINTED SAGE: Also known by the common names annual Clary sage, Bluebeard, Joseph sage, and Painted sage, this very decorative plant has an upright habit with hairy toothed leaves and whorls of tiny white, pink or purple flowers enclosed by large green bracts. Spikes of these beautiful flowers appear in Summer and are very attractive to bees and insects. As an annual herb plant, painted sage or Salvia Viridis syn. S. harmonium is grown as a flowering garden plant, but the leaves and flowers can be used to flavor food and drinks. Very decorative plant. Leaves and seeds used to assist the fermentation of liquor.

In this blog, just know about these three useful herbs, if you are interested to know more about these herbs along with their growing information you can visit our website. In the upcoming blogs we will let you know about other delicious and useful vegetables, herbs and fruits of our store.

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