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Garden Paradise Seeds


Garden Seeds Paradise


Discover the Benefits of Gardening with us


Get Fair Prices.

Here at Garden Paradise Seeds, you can access cheap, high-quality seeds at a fraction of the cost you would pay at many other seed shops.

Best Seeds Quality

Our licensed producers in Ireland and Germany guarantee high-quality, hand-picked, and hand-packed seeds for your satisfaction. Our seeds undergo thorough analysis to ensure they are germinable and of the highest quality.

Worldwide Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class seeds that are both reliable and affordable. For domestic shipping, your goods will arrive in just a few days, and for international shipping, you can expect delivery within up to 14 days.

Order without knowledge

At Garden Paradise Seeds, you can order from us without being an expert gardener. Add your desired products to the shopping cart, and we will deliver your order in just a few days.

We Speak International

Our customer service is available in many languages, including Irish, German, English, Hebrew, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, and Swedish. We are here to assist you if you have questions about our products or need support after placing an order.

14h/7h Customer Service.

Our customer service team can assist you 14 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach us via phone, email, chat, or WhatsApp, and we will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.

Our Background

At Garden Paradise Seeds, we are passionate about preserving and nurturing the natural world. Nature is the heart and soul of our beautiful planet, and its destruction would render the earth uninhabitable. Our mission is to allow everyone to create their own paradise by growing flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Gardening has been shown to alleviate anxiety and promote mental well-being. Caring for plants can be a family activity encourages teamwork and social interaction with neighbors. Gardening also provides moderate outdoor exercise.

We strive to assist you in creating your paradise by offering a wide range of common and rare seeds. Additionally, we provide germination, growth, and care instructions to help ease your worries. With just an internet-connected mobile phone, you can order our seeds from anywhere worldwide. 



Nature is crucial to our survival and well-being. Plants provide us with food, shelter, oxygen, and even medicine. Unfortunately, the importance of nature is often overlooked in modern society, and green spaces are becoming increasingly scarce. We want to change that.

Our vision is to provide fresh and healthy food and vegetables that can be grown in your garden. We hope to provide a meditation and relaxation place in your backyard. At Garden Paradise Seeds, we are dedicated to helping you create a little piece of paradise on earth.

Our Aspirations

At Garden Paradise Seeds, we dream of a world where fresh food and vegetables can be grown in our gardens. Imagine waking up to a peaceful, relaxing morning in your personal oasis. We want to educate people on the importance of gardening and help them discover the beauty and gifts of nature.

Nature has given us everything we need to thrive, and we strive to create a new environment free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. We want to bring back the joy of harvesting and experiencing the satisfaction of growing your produce.

At Garden Paradise Seeds, we treat nature and plants with respect and care. We aim to help everyone create their little piece of paradise and make the world a greener and more beautiful place to live.


Our Mission and Team 

At Garden Paradise Seeds, we are driven by a deep-seated desire to raise awareness about the importance of plants and nature. With the increasing frequency of natural disasters like pollution, global warming, floods, droughts, cyclones, and earthquakes, protecting our environment by nurturing and cultivating plants is more crucial than ever.

Our team is made up of trained professionals with extensive experience who are dedicated to delivering high-quality seeds to our clients. We work closely with our customers to achieve their goals and help them succeed in their gardening endeavors.

We focus on developing new and improved seed varieties that are more resilient and productive in adverse conditions. Many gardens may not have ideal soil or climate conditions, so we strive to provide high-yielding seeds that can thrive in various settings. But our efforts continue beyond there. We also seek out markets that value our seeds' unique characteristics and advantages, adding value to the field and promoting sustainable, responsible practices in the industry. We can create a more beautiful, greener, and healthier world.

Annette Meissner 
Annette Meissner
Abedin Joynal

 Volkan Özkesici

Creating your own garden is an enriching experience that offers countless benefits beyond what you imagine. It would be best if you experienced it for yourself to appreciate its wonders truly. If you're ready to take the first step towards creating your very own paradise, we are here to support you every step of the way. Join us now, and let's start something genuinely unique together!