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Hi there! Welcome to another blog about the GPS Exotic Fruit collection. In the previous one, you got to know about what exotic fruits are and their benefits. In this blog, we are so happy; letting you know that we have included some more exotic and rare fruits that are easy to grow and delicious to eat. You will be glad to know that the fruits we have included are as nutritious and beneficial as the previous collections. 

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This blog will be fascinating because you will learn about some exotic fruits that were not included in our previous blog. We hope you will be with us from the beginning to the last line and learn a lot about some rare and unknown fruits. So at a glance, let's see what we are going to discuss in this blog.


You are familiar with bananas but have you ever heard about Banana Passion Fruit? No right, no worries; Garden Paradise Seeds is here with you to let you know about some attractive unknown fruits like Herbal Monk Fruit, Guava, Sugar Apple, and Kiwano Fruit. One of them from South America, one from Asia, another from Africa. So we hope you can guess what we are going to let you know about today. So without any further ado, let's get started.


Banana passionfruit or Passiflora superset is also known as taxo, and curuba is a Passiflora species found in South America. The fruits grow on vines that reach 6 to 7 meters long. The vines have shiny green leaves. The fruit usually contains edible orange pulp and many black seeds, which readily germinate. It is straightforward to grow Banana passion Fruit from seeds. 

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  • Health Benefits: Banana passion fruit is a good source of fiber, vitamins A and C, and antioxidants. It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, carbohydrates, and a small amount of protein. You can use it in desserts such as cakes and pies or relishes, jams, and other preserves.
  • Flavor: Every fruit has a different taste, but for an idea, we can say that it is fragrant with the aroma of oranges. With thick skin, it turns from green to bright yellow as the fruit ripens. The fruit has an aromatic orange pulp that is juicy and sweet, with a tart bite and hints of banana. The rind is not edible. So you can only eat the seeds and the pulp.

Note: To know more about this excellent fruit and its growing process, please visit our Tropical Exotic Fruit Seeds collection.


Siraitia grosvenorii, also known as Monk Fruit or Luohan Guo, is native to southern China and northern Thailand. The leaves are narrow, heart-shaped, 10-20 cm long. The fruit is spherical, smooth. It is covered with hard thin skin with fine hairs. The plant is cultivated for its fruit extract, called Mogro sides, used as a low-calorie sweetener for drinks and in traditional Chinese medicine.

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  • Health Benefits: The Monk Fruit plant is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diabetes and obesity. A study proves that monk fruit has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to make hot drinks that relieve sore throats and reduce phlegm. The fruit's mogrosides may help prevent cancer and keep blood sugar levels stable.
  • Flavor: Although every fruit has a different taste, we can say that Its taste resembles a melon for an idea. Monk fruit extract is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. The extract contains zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sodium, and zero fat. The darker the fruit, the sweeter it is.

Note: To know more about this excellent fruit and its growing process, please visit our Tropical Exotic Fruit Seeds collection.


Cucumis metuliferus, commonly called the African horned cucumber, jelly melon, or kiwano, is an annual vine in the cucumber and melon family, Cucurbitaceae that has horn-like spines. The ripe fruit has orange skin and lime green, jelly-like flesh. It can be eaten at any ripening stage, but when overripe, it will burst forcefully to release seeds.

Kiwano Fruit, how to grow Cucumis Metuliferus, plant seeds, Garden Paradise Seeds
  • Health Benefits: Kiwano Fruit has surprising health benefits. It contains a variety of essential nutrients and provides several potent antioxidants. It can keep bones strong, relieve stress, slow down the aging process, aid digestion. It will keep the heart healthy and help in weight loss.
  • Flavor and Recipes: Although every fruit has a different taste, for an idea, we can say that the kiwano fruit is mild and slightly sweet. The taste is similar to cucumber. When it's very ripe, you may have a banana flavor. There is a rich green pulp inside Kiwano. You can eat the pulp fresh or in a vast range of sweet and savory dishes.

Note: To know more about this excellent fruit and its growing process, please visit our Tropical Exotic Fruit Seeds collection.


Guava is a typical tropical fruit native to Mexico, Central America. Guava fruits are processed into jams, jellies, and preserves and are common pastry fillings. They are commonly eaten raw and sliced, and served with sugar and cream as a dessert. Let's know its health benefits and flavor.

Guave - Osidium gujavana - Garden Paradise Seeds
  • Health Benefits: There are many health benefits of guava. This is an excellent source of dietary fiber, so eating more guavas may aid healthy bowel movements and prevent constipation. Just one guava can provide twelve percent of your recommended daily intake of fiber. Some evidence suggests that guava can improve blood sugar control.
  • Flavor: Although every fruit has a different taste, for an idea, we can say that this fruit tastes fruity and slightly floral, like a cross between a strawberry and a pear. It can be eaten raw. When it ripens, it is sweet, juicy, and contains a unique taste.

Note: To know more about this excellent fruit and its growing process, please visit our Tropical Exotic Fruit Seeds collection.

Wow! We are at the end of our blog. We hope that you have got to learn so much about some unique, rare, and exotic fruit. We are sure that you are eager to know more about these fruits. That's why we have described more about them in the 'Exotic' section of our Website, "Garden Paradise Seeds." If you are willing to have these delicious and unique-looking exotic fruits in your own garden, just let us know once! We are always there to help you out. Thanks a lot for being with us to the end of this blog!

For today's blog, it's all we have for you; we are coming with more blogs to let you know about these fantastic paradisaic Fruits, herbs, vegetables, and flowers! Until they come, please be with us.

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